What Does Mapping the SDGs Really Tell Us?

What Does Mapping the SDGs Really Tell Us?

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How Business Schools are Mapping the SDGs...and what that mean.

A recent article published by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (by yours truly) explores how business schools are mapping the SDGs internally.  The most interesting part of the research was seeing what percentage of courses or research were listed as covering an SDG. Most mapping is done by identifying SDG related keywords in titles and or content. Given how all-encompassing SDG keywords are (including terms such as work, economics, growth, industry), shouldn’t 100% of your courses and research relate to an SDG already? If they don’t, shouldn’t you question their relevance in a business school more generally? And how does identifying keywords tell us anything about whether the SDG issues are actually covered including how? Therefore, is a school that reaches 100% worth celebrating or are they perhaps missing the point?  So many questions…stay tuned for the full article.

+ What percentage of your courses and research actually connect to an SDG or, perhaps more interestingly, which don’t and why?  Click here to share your thoughts.


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