What is List?

What is List?
Giselle’s List is a weekly newsletter, idea database and community aimed at inspiring doers in their efforts to mainstream sustainability into higher education, especially business education. It goes out to sustainability champions at 400 different business schools globally
If you are faculty, staff, student, alumni or partner working within or with business schools or in education more broadly, or if you too believe that we need to rethink the way we teach business please sign up.

Every Monday, I share a curated list of ideas and resources aimed at helping sustainability champions mainstream sustainability into their work, courses, research, partnerships and campuses.

Once you subscribe (free) you also have access to all past examples organised by topic and a forum under each idea to share your own examples and learn from others.

If you are working on something you want to share, have a question or request for information or even just a suggestion please do send it over. Whether it is how to map the SDGs or teaching best practices, every week will be different.

Who am I

After working within the United Nations on sustainability issues for over 10 years, including in the negotiations for the World Summit on Sustainable Development, I left to pursue an MBA at London Business School in 2005. There, disappointed at the lack of sustainability content in the curriculum, I started exploring how we can change business schools to make them more relevant. I’ve now been focused on this particular question for quite some time now. I am the author of The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability and The Future MBA: 100 Ways to Make Sustainability the Business of Business Education. For over a decade I was a Special Advisor to the UN Principles for Responsible Management, the recipient of the UN Pioneer Award for my work and founded/authored a blog called PRiMEtime for 10 years. I publish a lot on the topic including this article in the Financial Times, these journal papers on how business schools need to engage in the SDGs,this other one on how they are engaging and my posts over at AACSB. You may also want to listen to my TEDx talk.

You can find more about me here.