Using Comedy to Teach Business

Using Comedy to Teach Business

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How do you engage students in content virtually?

“We turn humour into a weapon of mass instruction.” At the most recent Academy of Management meeting, David Stolin from TBS Education in France asked attendees to nominate a topic that is difficult to teach. He then created, along with comedian Sammy Obeid, a humorous video about it.  Topics included investing and market efficiency, Bayes’ Theorem, and Expectancy Theory of Motivation. The challenge wasn’t just about making a topic more fun; it was also about how to make digital education more engaging. Videos and corresponding teaching notes are available for others to use and this paper outlines the method fully. The comedian became the inaugural member of the TBS Inspiring Guide project where the school welcomes interesting, original and accomplished guests to collaborate on innovative e-learning content.

+How do you engage students in content during the pandemic/virtually?


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