The Green That Surrounds It

The Green That Surrounds It

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Biodiversity on campus and what do to with it.

Located at the end of a green corridor that goes into the city, the University Leeds has a goal to become an exemplar of urban diversity and have a net positive impact on biodiversity.  An interdisciplinary partnership comprised of academics, student ambassadors and sustainability services, oversees the school’s Biodiversity Strategy. Their Urban Biodiversity Monitoring Programme also recently won the International Sustainable Campus Network Award. Students are recruited and trained to complete monitoring activities of biodiversity on campus. This includes monitoring Hedgehogs which have ‘vulnerable status in the UK (which is certified Hedgehog friendly). Students are encouraged to log any hedgehog sightings on campus. Every spring I check out their live webcam of the Peregrine falcons that nest on their campus.

+ How do you make your campus have a net positive impact on biodiversity? Click here to share your thoughts.


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