Taking the Greenest Route

Taking the Greenest Route

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The fastest route for all of us is the greener route.

Google maps is going to start showing you the greenest, not the fastest route by default. The route calculates factors such as fuel consumption, road conditions and traffic congestion. This is part of their commitment to help one billion people who use their products take action to reduce their environmental footprint. Another couple of ideas for you Google; if you are really committed to the “greenest” route, recommend public transportation or walking routes when they take a similar time or less to driving. Also, Google please fix your pedestrian app which often takes me the ugliest and most mentally draining route. Getting people out of their cars is by far the greener option.

+ How do students, staff and the public get to and around your campus(es)? What guidance/recommendations can you provide to suggest the “greenest’ options.


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