Take Out Your Red Pen

Take Out Your Red Pen

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How much jargon do you use?

I read a lot of sustainability reports. I can go into all sorts of details as to why they are generally not great but the main reason is this: jargon. According to most sustainability reports that I’ve read, business schools have already embedded sustainability into everything. Next time you are working on a sustainability related speech/strategy or course, put a copy in front of you and take out a red pen. Next, circle all the jargon. Taking the lead in advancing corporate responsibility? Committed to the SDGs? Working collaboratively? Serving the broader purpose? Don’t tell us; show us.  Too many sustainability terms mean nothing unless you back them up with details and examples. Those 100 page reports would very quickly be cut to a few, potentially more interesting and impactful, pages.

+ What percentage of your sustainability report is jargon? Would you be allowed to publish a report without?

This was originally posted as part of List 35 on making connections with the SDGs.


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