Students Mapping Sustainability Courses

Students Mapping Sustainability Courses

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Have your students do the mapping.

The Students for Environmental Advocacy partnered with UC Berkeley to expand a previous mapping done by the Office of Sustainability of 600 sustainability courses, by mapping the list to the SDGs. Some 613 courses from 47 departments, from Public Health to Law, were included. The project was inspired by research conducted by students at the University of Toronto who mapped sustainability courses by SDG. At ISEG in Portugal, a Masters student conducted similar research as part of their Dissertation in Management. Information Systems. They looked at the schools’ contributions, over the last decade, to the SDGs. This information is updated annually and feeds into the school’s 2030  Sustainability Strategy.

+ A lot of mapping is conducted of sustainability courses, but what about “normal” courses? Are sustainability messages being reinforced or contradicted?


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