SDG Labs

SDG Labs

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Supporting researcher ideas.

In 2019, the Institute for Future Initiatives put out a call for SDG Labs focused on Biodiversity solutions for change. Up to 5,000 USD was given to 10 international researchers to each run a lab, workshop or hack and present their findings at the International Conference on Sustainability Science in 2020 in Tokyo. The focus was on biodiversity-based labs intended to bring together participants from a range of research disciplines and sectors of society to develop solutions to complex problems that help to make progress towards implementing the SDGs.  The idea could be a certain process, activity, bring together a specific stakeholder group, a technical solution or design activity among others. “You design a process to explore the idea on the relevant scale and you try it out. That is the lab.” The SDG Labs were based on Social Innovation Labs

+ What resources do you make available for researchers, staff, students or the community to “play around” with potentially impactful ideas?


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