Reframing the Narrative

Reframing the Narrative

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How do you reframe gender narratives at your school?

“See, it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or boy”. That was my 5 year old daughter’s response to the new mixed gender events added this year to the Olympics to promote greater gender diversity. This was just one of many changes including changes to competition schedules and medal events so both male and female events are at prime global broadcasting times and a new policy allowed teams to have both a female and male flag bearers. The IOC has guidelines to implement ‘gender-equal and fair portrayal practices in all forms of communication” across sports.  It’s little things but, according to my daughter, they make a huge difference. While the guidelines are aimed at sports, there are definitely lessons that can be learnt from these that are applicable to business schools…definitely.

+”It’s as much who you show or write/talk about as how you show them or write/talk about them. It’s the words, narrative and tone. It’s the images and voices. It’s the context and framing” How do you reframe the narrative at your school?


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