Measuring Levels of Awarness

Measuring Levels of Awarness

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How to measure and transform awareness.

(STUDENTS) Back in 2019, BI Norwegian Business School engaged three bachelor students to conduct face to face interviews with 196 students and staff on campus to gauge their knowledge on the SDGs. This was used as a starting point to develop KPIs and to benchmark student awareness and knowledge. At the time, 54% of respondents knew about the SDGs, 39% could name one or more SDG and SDG 13 was the top answer. The school also did an extensive mapping of events and research. The next step could be to bring this information to life.  This report with examples of projects that aimed to raise awareness and engage citizens in the SDGs has lots of other interesting examples of how to have an impact with limited budgets.

+ How do you measure awareness, and what do you do with that information afterwards?


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