Highlight Your Least Sustainable Initiative

Highlight Your Least Sustainable Initiative

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This World Green Building Week, don't just showcase your best, highlight your worst too.

During World Green Building Week (September 20-24), universities across Australia and New Zealand will open their ‘virtual’ doors for Green Campus Day with several in person and virtual events. Last year’s “tours”, still available online, included learning about the 7,500 solar panels at La Trobe University (capable of generating 50% of their energy needs), a walking tour of UNSW to see the Jacaranda trees in blossom and learn more about them, and a tour of the sustainability initiatives at the University of Tasmania. While I encourage you to highlight your most sustainable initiatives, I also challenge you to highlight one of your least sustainable initiatives as a way of starting a conversation about how to turn that into one of your most.

+ Choose two initiatives to highlight; your most sustainable to inspire others externally to change and your least sustainable to inspire others internally to change.


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