Climate Curriculum

Climate Curriculum

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Making climate part of all student's business.

ESSEC Business School in France integrated a 20-hour mandatory Climate Track into all of its programmes to train all new students. The course includes several activities including taking part in a "Climate Fresco" to understand the mechanisms of climate change. A set of cards are used by groups of students to organise and build, little by little, a fresco making it possible to understand how climate works on a global scale and the causes. The climate track also has a “taking action” workshop and more in-depth training on the impact of climate change by and for organizations. This training is based on resources produced within the framework of the MOOC "Companies and Climate Change", created in partnership with Carbone 4 (a leading consulting firm on energy and climate issues). Also take a look at Nottingham Busines School’s Carbon Literacy Training for Business Schools and En-ROADS developed by MIT Sloan…among many other fantastic resources.

+What tools do you use to engage students and staff in climate change discussions.


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