Business School Needs to Get Serious

Business School Needs to Get Serious

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“Too many institutions are not living up to their own green rhetoric. Business schools are perfectly positioned to influence sustainability, yet their role is both under-appreciated and insufficiently developed”. Last week I had an opinion piece published in the Financial Times. Most of my work involves sharing best practices and the great work that schools are doing around the SDGs. While there are many examples to share, most don’t go as far as they could…or need to. I also realise that it isn’t at all easy. In the article, I encourage schools to be more courageous. Partner with others, across disciplines and in the community, don’t wait for a perfect solution but jump in and learn as you go.

+ Do you feel that you are really engaging as much as you could be in the SDGs? How are you measuring or judging your efforts?

‌This was originally posted as part of List 33 on innovative resources and approaches in business and the SDGs.


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