(List #92) Now You Know

10 very short videos that will change the way you see the world, and hopefully do business.

(List #92) Now You Know

I admit I was procrastinating when I started watching the videos over at BBC Ideas this morning. But then, after watching the 10th video (most created in partnership with the Open University in the UK) I thought how great it would be if all business school faculty, staff and students watched these videos too (procrastination for all!).

Here are ten videos that all students should watch about topics that they would likely never learn about during their business degree, but which  they both impact and are impacted by in all sorts of ways they aren’t aware of. They are all short, 4-5 minutes each, so consider starting a class with one and then open a discussion about what they introduce, and how it is relevant to that class or their degree, or even their careers.

Can saving languages save nature? - BBC Ideas
Watch the “Can saving languages save nature?” video at BBC Ideas. Explore other related content via our curated “The Open University” playlist.

1.     How languages will help us reach the SDGs

Up to 90% of the world’s languages could be gone by 2100. With each lost language we loose a wealth of knowledge about the natural world. This one I found particularly powerful.  Video here.

2.     Why business students should know more about soil

Soil is underappreciated. But it's vital in so many ways. Here's a look at the importance of soil - and why soil matters so much. Video here.

3.     Is it time to reassess our relationship with nature?

Western societies tend to see nature and humanity as separate concepts. But are there other ways of understanding our relationship with planet Earth? Video here.

4.     Can we put a price on nature?

It's estimated that 25% of plant and animal species are at risk of extinction. Would putting a price on nature help protect biodiversity? Video here.

5.     Why business schools should know more about fungi

More than 90% of fungi are unknown to science. But what we do know about this incredibly adaptable and unique life-form is mind-blowing. Video here and another bonus one here, because fungi are that interesting.

6.     Why business students should be interested in insects

Insects make up around 70% of all known species - but many are struggling. What if insects disappeared?

7.     Do we have a duty to protect the environment?

Modern life is very much focused on the short term. But is this wrecking the environment? Do we need to think more long term? If so, how?

8.     When can you trust statistics?

The media is full of statistics on environmental and social issues. Here are some tips on how to better explore them.

9.     Are you suffering from plant blindness?

This video talks about plant blindness, the inability to appreciate or sometimes even notice the plant life around us. What else are we “blind” to?

10.  It’s not just about outer diversity, but inner diversity

Our brain constantly interprets the information it receives from the world. Could we all be experiencing different realities?