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Every Monday, I share a curated list of ideas and resources aimed at helping sustainability champions mainstream sustainability into their work, courses, reasearch, partnerships and campuses.  A list of questions accompany every point that can be used in the classroom or simply to help reflect on the issues.

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If you are working on something you want to share, have a question or request for information or even just a suggestion please do send it over.  Whether it is how to map the SDGs or teaching best practices, every week will be different.

Why ?

Higher Education plays a crucial but often underappreciated role in our ability to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. They shape the way that current and future graduates think and act, and their reach and impact is significant.

While institutions are talking about sustainability, efforts often have limited impact and change has been slow. While there are a growing number of individuals working to change this, they too often have limited resources and support.

Although there are a growing number of organisations working in this field, many of the tools that would be most useful for those individuals trying to make change happen can get lost in the noise.

We need to empower individual changemakers within institutions and share the incredible work that is already being done in order to inspire more change globally. That is the aim of this newsletter.

Who is Giselle?

My name is Giselle Weybrecht. After working within the United Nations on sustainability issues for 10 years, I left to pursue an MBA at London Business School. There, disappointed at the lack of sustainability content in the curriculum, I started exploring how we can change business schools to make them more relevant. I’ve now been focused on this particular question for over 15 years. My work involves creating and sharing innovative and interdisciplinary tools that will inspire individuals to engage both personally and professionally in sustainability regardless of what they do or where they do it.

I am the author of The Sustainable MBA: A Business Guide to Sustainability and The Future MBA: 100 Ways to Make Sustainability the Business of Business Education (as well as a second 100 ideas relating to COVID and the SDGs here).  I work with universities, networks, international organisations, the business sector and NGOs. For over a decade I was a Special Advisor to the UN Principles for Responsible Management, the recipient of the UN Pioneer Award for my work and authored a blog called PRiMEtime for 10 years. For more on my thoughts on what is needed moving forwards read this list, listen to my 2012 TEDx talk and look through any of my posts over at AACSB.

You can find more about me here.


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