There are three ways that you can contribute to Giselle's List.

First, share your examples and requests

Have an interesting example you would like to share? An approach you have been using in your work that others may find useful? Not sure? Send it anyways and I'll let you know (its probably great!). If you have any special requests, or are working on a project and wonder what other schools might have done that you can be inspired by,  send those through and I'll include them in a future list.

Second, let others know about this list

Know someone else who would find this useful? Please let them know about it and encourage them to subscribe.

Third, consider supporting the list

If your institution, team or event is interested in sponsoring a particular week please do get in touch for more information. If you appreciate this site, consider buying me a coffee as a show of support. Any funds I raise will help me add more useful content to this site.